This is my QSL-card for today (I view of Antwerp-Center)

I was born on juni 1st, 1942.

In the time when there was the World Expo here in Belgium (1958), I received a listening station call, ONL020. In the year 1961 I got the callsign:
The first contact i have make was on 19 oktober 1961 with DL1HX, Hans from Wuppertal in CW on 80M with 10 Watts.
From that time on, I became an HF-operator in CW, RTTY and SSB.

My HF-station:
My RX/TX for HF is a FT5000 with 200 Watt output
A linear/ Alpha Power 91B gives 1200 Watts output.
My antennas: for 80 and 30 Meters I'm using inverted V antennes, about 30 meters above ground-level.
For the other bands I have a beam, which is a 9 elements for 6 bands:
The antenna is from Mosley, it's the PRO-96.
For 40 meter a turnable 3 elements
For 20, 17, 15 and 12 meter a turnable 4 elements.
For 10 meter a turnable 6 elements
These multibandbeam antennas are about 40 meter above the ground.

My VHF-Station:
FT-8900R for 2 meters and 70CM in FM
TR-9000 all mode for 2 meter
My antennes: A vertical for 2M and 70CM
For 2M a 10 el. beam
For70CM a 19el.beam
When I'm not in my shack (yes, sometimes it happens) I'm armed with a portable TH-D7E
For PSK-31 I using homemade circuit and my computer

My computer:
The computer is a Pentium(R) 4 - CPU 1700Mhz with 512Mb of memory
Working with Windows 7

For logging my qso's, I'm using DX4WIN, included PSK-31 and RTTY.

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